At the end of each extracting day in August and September, I combed the beeswax from my hair, scrubbed the honey off my knees, and promised myself a season’s end treat: a new phone.

Season ended, and I waffled about the decision.  I’ve been a Blackberry girl forever, and it’s been the trick for monitoring Glacier County Honey orders and business correspondence.

But for the last two summers, our Darling Summer Help have been in possession of iPhones.  Once I saw the quality of pictures that these gizmos take, I was fascinated.  Near-daily-blogging is much more enjoyable for me — and, I imagine, y’all — with a constant supply of new pictures.  Added to the iPhone’s quality-picture-taking ability: fabulously easy blogging apps, a Magic 8 Ball for assisting with life’s tougher decisions, and Words with Friends (i.e. Scrabble).

So I done got me one.  And I really do think they’re equal to the hype.

My favorite camera app thus far is Instagram, which adds filters to your photos.

Example A: I Instagram-ed the cover of this month’s American Bee Journal, which features Glacier County Honey Co!   More on that tomorrow.

What do y’all know about the iPhone that I should?

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