Last year, Glacier County Honey Co. exhibited at the NorthWest Honey Festival.  While we were showing off our gorgeous water white honey and golden beeswax, Mama — a former journalist — got to chatting with a friendly reporter covering the festival.  Long story short – being the lovely Southern lady she is, Mama invited said reporter to come on up to Babb and take a peek at our bees and the crazy life we lead on the 49th parallel.

Well, he — Cecil Hicks — took her up on the offer, and a few weeks after Maggie Rose and the bees joined us for the summer, Cecil came to write a leetle story about Glacier County Honey for the American Bee Journal.  Or, we thought it would be a leetle story.  As in possibly a quarter of a side bar, waaaaayyyy towards the back.

Imagine our surprise when we went to the post office this week.


Guess who is insufferable this week?

Yep.  That husband of mine has been a mighty fine pain in the rear for the last day or so.

I kid.  We’re all getting a pretty large kick out having him — and the Green Bay Packers supers Darling Summer Help 2010 painted us as a parting “gift” — on the cover of what we consider the premier beekeeping publication.

I look blonde.  Weird.

Anyway.  The article is far more than we ever dreamed of.

And on it goes …

Not gonna lie, I’m liking watching the stats on our website and our blog shatter every record we ever set, and I’m really loving watching the orders pour into my in-box.

To all of our new readers: thank you so much for your support, and your many kind words on the article in the ABJ.  We appreciate you more than you know!

And to all of our old readers: thank you so much for being with us, through the beekeeping, the babies, and the babbling, every step of the way.  We hope you’re enjoying the ride as much as we are.

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