When we leave for vacation, I always fret that I’ll get a call for The Big Honey Order, or the contract to sell candles through Neiman Marcus, and that I’ll be too occupied with frolicking to bother to check my voice mail, and that I’ll miss the opportunity.

Such a scenario has never actually happened.

To the contrary, it always amazes me how the glaciercountyhoney.com orders drop off when we’re away – it’s like y’all have a sixth sense that we’re on vacation!  Spooky.

What does happen while we’re on vacation: the phone rings incessantly with summer neighbors calling about our dawgs, Buck and Roy, who patrol our dirt road community with diligence and sharp noses for which neighbor is grilling ribeyes.  If you live here year round, which a tiny handful of us do, you are more familiar with Buck and Roy’s presence on your porch than you would like to be, and you are unconcerned.  If you do not live here year round, you are not used to their incessant Neighborhood Watch, and you are probably used to living in an area where people leash their dogs.

And so you call me, only while we’re on vacation, worried about our dogs.  “It’s pretty cold today,” you tell me on the phone when you call the number on their collars to inform me that they have taken up residence underneath your grill.  I’m at my grandmother’s house in Georgia, watching the weather channel, which she has programmed to near Babb.  Highs in the 50s, I note.  Light winds of 20-25 MPH.  You continue kindly,  “And mighty windy.  Those dogs look cold to me.  They’re not bothering me, but I’m worried about them.  Do you want me to give them a ride to your house?”

And in my head, I’m thinking about the first week of December, when the mountains are hunks of platinum set against endless expanses of sparkling white and forty-degrees-below-zero blue, and how the dogs will scratch at the door to go out, their joy over chasing icefishermen on Duck Lake nearly palpable.  And I will laugh and try to reassure you that they are fine, that our Darling Summer Help is home to feed them and scratch their ears.

And then I will come from vacation and watch my baby fall in love with these smelly dogs who cause me such trouble while I’m vacationing, and my heart will soften and I will ask Honeydew if we shouldn’t get the dogs booties to protect their paws from the ice this December.

And he will laugh.

* Disclaimer – this vignette is not about any one neighbor at Duck Lake, and is only meant to amuse.  We appreciate y’all worrying over our dogs, and they appreciate y’all feeding them steak! *

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