We hear from our sweet friends in East Glacier that Kathryn of Park Cafe fame claims the colors this fall are the prettiest she’s seen in 30 years.  After Saturday’s drive to my backyard, Many Glacier, I’m going to take my ten-nish years of Montana-year-round and agree with her.  There’s more than a dusting of snow in them thar hills, and against the clarity of cornflower blue skies, the snow highlights mountain peaks we seem to miss the rest of the year.  The aspen are wearing their golds as beautifully as I’ve ever seen, and flaunting some deep rust shades I’ve never before, too.

The Salamander Glacier is a little less defined with the recent snowfall.

Honeydew’s sharp eyes spotted a big ole griz, snacking on the sunny slopes of Mt. Altyn.  We stopped to gawk and it, and take this terrible picture, and then noticed another mama griz with her three cubs, curled up into piles in the rocks just above the dark spot (the 1st griz) in this photo.  A photographer from Helena pulled in behind us and then let us borrow his spotting scope, and we all agreed we’d never seen bears acting so Buck-like.  Adorable.

Mt. Wilbur always impresses.

Maggie Rose likes seeing bears from the car.

To compare pictures of Many Glacier this year with some we took last year, on a hike to Grinnell Glacier, click here.

Ah, fall.  I’m glad you’re here.

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