First. Acquire happy baby. Insert into Patagucci hand-me-downs.

Second. Insert happy baby’s feet into more Patagucci hand-me-downs.

Third. Admire happy baby’s precious Patagucci-ed behind.

Fourth. Mix things up a little by adding a precious non-Patagucci strawberry stocking cap, courtsey of the proprietress of Bon Lemon, to the head of said happy baby.

Fifth. Return to stack of Patagucci hand-me-downs. Add zippy green jacket, hooded, as is proper for the near Babb gal.

Sixth. Smile at happy baby, and apologize to her for raising her in The Coldest Land on Earth (or, at least, south of Canada), but promise her that she, too, will come to love it, especially if Patagucci takes note of these photos and offers her a gear testing gig.

‘Cause that’s the end of the hand-me-downs.

Any questions?

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