On this blog, we tend to focus on the work of pollinating almond orchards in the spring and extracting honey in late summer and fall – no small tasks, those – but rest assured we stay plenty busy the rest of the year, too.  This past week, we’ve been scraping the last of the honey off every surface in the Warehome, getting it right and tight for winter, which is making a delayed appearance in Glacier County this year.  I wore sandals yesterday, y’all.  In late October.  Whoa.

Anyway, we also spent part of this week preparing our comb honey for market.  Like everything associated with comb honey, such preparation is a major, time consuming pain.  But isn’t it worth it?  Isn’t comb honey gorgeous?  Not to mention delicious!

And doesn’t it make one heckuva mess?

Here’s my workbench: stacks of Bee-O-Pac and Ross Round comb honeys.

And here’s what the Ross Rounds looked like when I was done.

Maggie helped.

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