I celebrated five months of Life With Maggie Rose this past Friday.  Oh, where has the time gone?  And nary a word in the baby book yet!  And she’s our first baby.  Oh, dear.

Honeydew, when informed of this milestone, became very quiet and said to me, in a low, measured tone he rarely uses, “Do you realize that if we only have eighteen years with her, then that’s 36 six month periods, and she’ll be six months old on November 21, so we’ve already spent almost 1/36 of our time at home with her?”  Oh, dear, indeed.  And, side note, may Maggie Rose inherit Honeydew’s head for figures.

But.  Though the time may fly, as my own mother predicted, I’m enjoying each new stage more than the last.  Especially this new Eating Stage.  Maggie had her first bite of “solid” food last week – rice cereal mixed with breast milk …

And her reaction was hilarious …

From birth, I’ve called her my little Hoglet – just like her mama, my baby loves to eat.  But the initial introduction into the land of hallowed rice cereal definitely did not bowl over my Maggie Rose.

Fast forward a week.

Yup.  Baby Gal is like me, after all.  Mmmmmmmm.  Food.  Is.  Good.

Just wait, baby.

There’s a whole world out there of pomegranates (which your Big Mama just sent me more of in the mail), bawled p-nuts, uncle Brother Dear’s fried chicken, raw oysters with hot sauce, Big Mama’s luscious caramel cake, crab dripping with butter, lettuce out of the garden, your Daddy’s seasoned elk steaks, huckleberries on the trail to Ptarmigan Tunnel, your Sissy’s key lime tarts, sweet potato biscuits, your Pseudo Sista’s Knock-You-Naked brownies, Dixie Pig bar-be-que, cupcakes at Cupcake with your cousin Ty, shelled English peas, Going-to-the-Sun rolls at Wasabi, your aunt Cathy’s cranberries, Georgia Belle peaches dripping down your face, and your Nan’s lamb …

Yes, baby, life is good.

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