When wearing my Honey-Bottler-and-Beeswax-Crafter-In-Chief Hat, I love making our 100% beeswax ornaments more than anything else.  How many of your ornaments are 100% natural and made from a renewable resource that smells like sunshine and honey?  Hmmm.  I thought so.

Early in the morning, in the quiet cool of what we call the Beeswax Room, I flip the switch on my portable burners, and set the golden wax to melting over a double boiler.  In an hour, the scent of summer fills the room, and I prepare the molds to receive ornaments for decorating, blocks for almost anything, and candles for lighting.

We offer a wide variety of ornaments, with more to come, but the ones that Don Grant, an artist and great friend of ours from Great Falls, recently crafted molds for, are my favorite ones of all.  While we’re not the only beekeepers who offer beeswax ornaments for sale, you can only find this particular set of eight ornaments at Glacier County Honey Co.  They’re significantly bigger than any other ornaments I’ve ever seen for sale, and I think they will be an incredible accent to your tree, chandelier, or topiary.

What do y’all think?


Large grizzly bear track.

Small grizzly track.

Glacier National Park, with the Many Glacier and Going-to-the-Sun roads beautifully etched into the ornament.  Logan Pass is marked with a star.

Montana, with Glacier National Park marked with a star.

Montana, with Yellowstone National Park marked with a star.

Montana, with Babb marked with a star.  Dare I say these are one of a kind?  I’ve never seen a Babb ornament before!

And my favorite, a skep (old fashioned bee hive), proudly bearing the Glacier County Honey name.

Click over to www.glaciercountyhoney.com to get your orders in now – and if you enter EARLYBIRD in the comment box, I’ll refund you 10% of your total order.  And yes, that applies to anything you order, not just these new ornaments, as long as you have at least one Don Grant Collectible ornament in your order.  Offer ends at midnight mountain time, Wednesday, November 2, 2011.

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