Y’all may not know that I am a very proud graduate of the University of Georgia.  Park Hall, how I long for thee.  English Department, for those not in the know.

Maggie Rose had a number of darling Halloween outfits to choose from, and there were a number of y’all voting “bee” (I promise, in a future year) but in light of Georgia’s weekend WIN over Florida — the first since 2007! — I thought a Georgia cheerleader outfit most appropriate.  It’s an SEC thang, y’all. Hard to understand.

The family went to Pseudo Sista’s classroom’s Halloween par-tay.  Good times, y’all.

And by the family, of course I mean the WHOLE Pseudo Family.

We love each other, we really do.

Our baby went as the aforementioned Georgia cheerleader.  And she was darlin’.

Gooo Dawgs, baby!  Sic ’em!

Hope your Halloweens were spooktacular!

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