Well, we talked about it and talked about it and now we’re happy to say that the comb honey is finally available on our website!  You can’t get any closer to the hive than with comb honey – yum.

Many thanks to Glacier Park, Inc., for giving us the nudge on the comb honey – they asked us to experiment with it, and we contracted most of what the bees made to them for the Summer 2012 season in Glacier National Park, so there are limited quantities available at www.glaciercountyhoney.com.  We’ll hope for even more comb honey next summer!

Good news for Whitefish/Flathead residents and visitors, though – you don’t have to wait long.  The first shipment arrives at GPI’s Grouse Mountain Lodge next week!  If you’re into comb honey, won’t you go by Grouse Mountain and show your support?  We’d love to have more of our products there, too.  Tell ’em how much how love your Glacier County Honey.

Thanks, y’all.  Enjoy the comb honey!

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