As you’ve probably figured out, in early October, once the honey was all safely packed away in the barrels, we took a little time off. Honeydew graciously acquiesced to my request for a trip “home,” and while we were there, we put about 1,000 miles on a rental, seeing dear friends and meeting new babies, baptizing Maggie at the church where I was also baptized, and bass fishing down on the Big Farm.

I’m not much for fishing, but I love to go to the Big Pond and cheer on the bass fishermen, or simply sit, book in hand, soaking in the Georgia humidity, admiring the lily pads, and gazing at the water, hoping to see an alligator rise.

Though I will say that I hope I don’t see an alligator rise while Honeydew and Brother Dear are out in the boat.

Anyway, here’s a view of the Big Pond on the Big Farm:

Purty, ain’t it?

As y’all know, I recently fell head-over-iPhone, and I used the Paper Camera app to take this series of shots of the Big Pond:

Pretty cool, huh?

The fish that Honeydew and Brother Dear caught were pretty cool, too.

And this was one of the smaller ones!

Big Pond, ’til we meet again …

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