UPDATE: Lots of emails lead me to state that the chunk honeys are $10 each, and 8 of them will fit into a Medium Priority Flat Rate Box for $10.95, or $1.37 each.  Let me know if you have other questions about these, and git ’em while they’re here – limited quantities.
As you’ve followed the soap opera of the Great 2011 Comb Honey  Experiment, you may have noticed that there is a lot of what could be waste when harvesting comb honey – as we’ve talked about before, if given a choice, honeybees are going to work the comb honey supers last, and that means there are lots of “half done” comb honeys that we can’t offer for sale due to their lack of uniformity, like these:

This bothered me on several levels – we obviously invested a good bit of money into the equipment required for the Great Experiment, but more than that, it seemed crazy to me to toss a whole bunch of fabulously delicious comb honey just because we couldn’t offer it for sale.

So I set to thinkin’.  And I thought and I pondered and I ruminated and I Googled, of course.

And eventually, this beautiful idea sprung into my mind:

Chunk honey, y’all.  Raw, liquid Glacier County Honey poured over a chunk of comb honey, packaged in a Made-in-the-USA sparkling Ball jar.  Really, the best of both worlds, and a great way to experiment with comb honey for the uninitiated.  About 3/4 of a pound in total weight, and absolutely delicious.

When I ordered up the Made-in-the-USA Ball jars – and that was a mighty fine feeling – this Chunk Honey is 100% Made in the USA! – I also ordered up some pretty ribbon.  If you’d like to offer these gorgeous Chunk Honeys as a Hanukkah gift, a hostess present, or a stocking stuffer, I’ll be happy to gussy ’em up for you at no charge.  Just tell me in the comment box whether you’d like red, green, golden yellow, or navy blue.

Mmmmm.  Chunk Honey.  Why didn’t we think of this before?

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