Six months ago today, Maggie Rose entered our lives.

And I truly have no idea what I did with all the free time I didn’t think I had before her arrival.  I am a person who revels in a multi-page to-do list and having a little too much on my plate at all times.  But life with Maggie has redefined busy, and has simultaneously seen me loll on the couch, playing peek-a-boo with my baby even as the e-mails beckon for answer.

Over the weekend, the family came up to help me with beeswax candles and ornaments, and we snapped a few pics of Maggie Rose at six months.


Go DAWGS! SEC East Champions!

Ah, the look that knows not of a to-do list.

Trying on her latest gift from Nan, a Christmas dress.

Today is also the Nan’s birthday.  Happy birthday to the mother I aspire to be!  No one holds a candle to you, Mom.

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