For (in)famous husbands.

For living in the shadow of mighty Chief Mountain, a place sacred to the Blackfeet Tribe, and to Honeydew and I, too.

For Margarets.

For California almond pollination.

For good summer help.

For damn good dawgs.

For siblings, and pseudo-siblings, willing to pinch hit for us when we are very pregnant.  And otherwise.

For Glacier National Park, our backyard.

For wild things.

For old friends.

For grandmothers.

For the lessons learned from those who’ve gone before us: it’s always a good time to sneak a cookie.

For power tools.

For medical professionals like Drs. Jennie Eckstrom, Mirna Bowden, and Judy Rigby, and the incredible nurses at North Valley Hospital and Kalispell Regional Medical Center.

For honeybees, of course.

And for blog readers.  Thanks again for being with us on this journey, this big dream of small business.  And love.  Happy Thanksgiving!

2011.  Glacier County Honey Co.  Some photo credits to Sanford Stone and Charlie Stone.  All Rights Reserved.