The pile of packages-to-mail grew steadily all of yesterday.  By early afternoon, it was as tall as I am, and I am not short.  In the beeswax room, I wrapped gift baskets with one hand and adjusted the volume on the baby monitor with the other, listening to Honeydew and Maggie play in the nursery.  I reached for another 1# bottle of honey, and came up with nothing.  Out of honey?  Sure was.

Huh.  I leaned against my shipping table for a moment and tried to decide what to do.  There were hundreds of pounds of honey in the bottling tank, but it needed to sit another night, letting the air bubbles seep out of it.

A cloud shifted outside, and sunlight poured into the beeswax room windows, landing on my hiking boots, discarded by the door.

And I knew what really needed to be done.

And so we loaded up the truck with packages and baby, ruined the postmaster’s day, and proceeded on to Glacier National Park, to pay our respects.  This is what we saw:


Wind whipping water around Dead Horse Curve, St. Mary Lake

Sunset over Red Eagle, Mahotopa, Little Chief, and Dusty Star – from the Going-to-the-Sun Road at about 4pm.

Huge waves on St. Mary Lake.

Napi Point.  Lower St. Mary Lake, iced over.  We’ll be icefishing soon.

Two Sisters, all boarded up for winter.  We miss you, John and Susan.

Mighty Chief.

Till next time, Glacier.  Time to bottle those hundred of pounds of honey, and get back to shipping.

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