We’ll keep this short.  And sweet, of course.  Because of the very rural nature of our post office, and the often-insane-winter-weather-conditions near Babb, we’re recommending that you place Hanukkah and Christmas orders by Monday, December 19, though we’re shipping through the 23rd.  So, with ten days to go, we’re offering one last deal on honey.

First, we’re clearing out our stores of these 1/2 pound honey bears – we used them as favors when we were married.  So, there’s a limited number of them, and they’re on clearance!  Perfect for teacher gifts, stocking stuffers, or to add to a gift basket, too.  Our normal 1/2 pound stock runs $3.50 each.  These 1/2 pound bears are only THREE DOLLARS!  Stock up!

Adorable, no?

Also, by popular demand, we finally sent the best-honey-you’ve-never-tasted off to the company that makes honey stix.  Perfect to keep in your purse/diaper bag/briefcase/gym bag/backpack/car etc for your tea, your fried chicken, or just for a quick burst of all-natural, perfectly-balanced-combo-of-fructose-and-glucose, energy!  Twenty cents each.

Thanks, as always, for all your support, and for allowing us to turn our blog into an advertising forum every now and again.  Happy Holidays.

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