As you might have heard, Glacier County Honey Co. closed for the year on December 24, and did not reopen until January 10.

I love to tend to our blog, to answer questions about bees from our wonderful customers, and to thread molds with cotton wicking and smell the delicious beeswax as I pour candles, but a break was nice.  During the first week, there was time for icefishing, champagne drinking, belly laughs with old friends, cross country skiing, and general merriment as our 7 month old “opened” her presents.

Merry Christmas, Maggie Rose!

Santa brought her a rocking Bee – he just couldn’t resist, apparently

Ice fishing with JC and Roy

Brother Dear received a John Deere snowmachine suit as a Christmas gift.  I believe it may be his favorite gift of all time.

My sweet niece came to visit, along with her brother and darlin’ daddy.  We taught Maggie Rose how to paint toenails and make pink sparkly sugar cookies.

Cross country skiing at Benchmark.

Bobcat tracks.  We missed you, C. Street.

The second week found us in Phoenix, Arizona, attending the 43rd annual American Honey Producers Association’s meeting.  We traded honey disaster stories with old friends and made new ones, got a little bit of learnin’ in, sopped up all that Valley of the Sun sunshine, and taught Maggie about the wonders of grass, which she was far too young to appreciate during Montana’s brief grass season.

Yes, she has sunscreen on.  She took off her hat and sunglasses.  What can I say?  She’s a Montana gal, in Phoenix, in January!

Mmmm.  Grass.

This week, we’ve reopened for business, and we’re alternating between shipping the best honey you’ve never tasted and packing up the Warehome.  The “other” part of our business, pollinating California almonds, is about to shift into high gear, and we’re loading trucks and trailers with equipment for splitting bees, talking teddy bears for Maggie Rose, and sandals for me.  Ah, sandals.  We’ll see you in the spring, Montana!

Montana.  We’ll miss you.

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