Listening to the beekeepers trade stories about the gadgets they’ve jerry rigged, duct taped, and invented, in order to ease the production of honey, the rendering of wax, and the raising of queens, is my probably my favorite part of the convention.  It seems there’s nothing a beekeeper can’t fix or improve upon – and that’s a good thing, since so many of us choose to live hundreds of miles from Home Depots and the like.  It also makes for an attractive quality in a husband or wife – Honeydew takes his sweet time about my Honey Do list, but he’s never come to me and declared an item “impossible.”  May Maggie Rose inherit that part of his brain, as that part of mine is woefully underdeveloped.

At any rate, the below picture is not the best example of this fix-it-brilliance, but for me, it underlines that while Honeydew may not be “creative” in the liberal-arts-education-sense, his creativity knows no bounds and is far more useful, in a day to day way, than mine could ever be.

How to get our money’s worth out of our zillion dollar forklift, absolutely essential to our beekeeping operation February-October, but not so essential November-January?  Why, just put it to use in the wood splitting operation!  And then open the garage door to your Warehome living room and drive right in with the load of wood for the stove!

If it were me, I’d still be out there in the snowstorm, stacking wood into a carrier and trying to throw my back out.  Good work, honey.

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