The Great Migration went off, more or less, without a hitch!  Oh, the Two Ton broke down in Helena on the second morning of our trip, but that was practically to be expected and only delayed us by a couple of hours.  We’d recommend the folks at Grizzly Diesel if you break down in that area.

At any rate, we crossed the California state line mid-morning on Wednesday, and I promptly observed more law enforcement vehicles that I’ve seen in the last five years combined total.  Wow.  But pulling into our driveway near Redding more than made up for it.  The little house we’ve rented is just perfect for us, and although Honeydew and I are both proud of our Warehome, and all that it represents to us, we’re pretty happy to be living in an actual house.  Amazing water pressure, windows, non-concrete floors, hot water that doesn’t take five minutes (literally) to arrive in the two-and-a-half-bathrooms (oh happy day – this will be good for our marriage), and a deck nearly as big as the house itself … we hardly know what to do with ourselves.

The house itself is small but bursting with fun upgrades (gas top range! double ovens! dual shower heads!), and I’m grateful that it’s small – the only furniture we brought with us is Maggie’s crib, and although our beekeeping friends have showered us with free furniture loaners, I’m happy we won’t have much to return in May.  Not to mention, I won’t have much to clean in the interim.  Keeping up with the Warehome’s 10,000 sq ft of floors has proven impossible for me, and depressing.

And while the house isn’t all that big, the yard more than makes up for it.  It’s completely fenced, which Buck and Roy appreciate, and is peppered with raised beds for gardening, an orange tree laden with fruit, and a small above ground pool that I can’t wait to get Maggie into.

I would love to know why this home is being rented, really – the owners obviously loved this place, and with views that make you forget you’re living in a sizeable town with neighbors on every side, what’s not to love?

Live oaks and Digger pines surround us.  I feel so at home, like I’m in Georgia.

Maggie helping me unpack our kitchen boxes.

Home sweet temporary Home!

Thanks so much for all your well wishes for the Great Migration.  We’re glad to be here.  Fingers crossed for a beautiful almond bloom and healthy honeybees for pollination.

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