No, it’s actually not our Maggie Rose, as adorable as she may be.

But this is what she wears when she hangs out with The Snow Belle.

THIS is the Snow Belle – an amazing little buggy-on-skis that we pull behind our snowmachines.  It’s perfect for Belles named Maggie Rose, Layla, and even Betsy, though she doesn’t exactly hail from Dixie.

We recently used it to haul a case of champagne to a backcountry cabin for a New Year’s Eve celebration, and I think that’s very Belle-ish.  As one of my favorite Belles, the former Miss Hester, always toasts, “May all your love be true love, and may all your pain be champagne.”

My stepfather-in-law, Walt, is one of the friendliest people I’ve ever met, and I knew him long before I ever met Honeydew.  He’s really made me feel at home within “the family,” and he is the mastermind behind the Snow Belle, which he restored and named to remind me that while I may have been a Southern Belle, I’m going to have to become a Snow Belle if I want to make it in Babb!  Thanks, Walt.  She’s something special!  You are, too.

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