In the craziness of setting up a new, albeit temporary, life in California, I let a date that’s important to me slip past – as of January 24, 2012, I’ve consistently blogged for two full years.

The content on these pages hasn’t impressed me much since Maggie Rose arrived, prose-wise, but every day she gets a little more independent, and while I have mixed feelings about her autonomy, I do not feel anything but peace when I am able to perch at the keyboard for 10 minutes, then 20, edging towards 30, while she entertains herself.

Despite the dearth of unusual adjectives, our readership nearly doubled over the last year.  Thank you so much for reading!  Near daily blogging remains, as I wrote last year, an excellent exercise in self-discipline, and even better, keeps me writing, and thinking about that book I want to write one of these days.  I also love that this blog educates its readers about beekeeping and life on the 49th parallel – and now, near Redding, California!  Finally, I’m thrilled that this blog documents the growth of our company, and of our precious baby, since I am never going to get around to filling in that baby book. Maggie Rose, you are endlessly fascinating, and loved.

For the curious, here are the ten most read posts from January 24, 2011 – January 24, 2012:

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#4 Welcome to the World, Baby Girl

#5 How to Throw a Southern Bridal Shower

#6 GIVEAWAY!  (we’ll have to do another one of those, soon)

#7 On Eras

#8 On My Honeydew(s)

#9 Lessons Learned

#10 It’ll’s Nursery

And per the stats, our most frequent commenters are Wanda, Shireen, Patrice, Layla, Kate, and Laura.    Thank you, lovely ladies, for your kind support – if you place an order anytime during 2012, write “Most Frequent Commenter” in the comment box and I’ll refund you 25% off your entire order, excluding bulk beeswax and 12#/35# buckets.

May 2012 bring better blogging, bigger honey sales, and the best year yet!

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