Maggie wants to go out and play.

Soon, baby girl.

We got the phone call late yesterday that it’s time to move the first bees into the almonds, so Keith spent the night, I fried up bacon and eggs for 5:30 a.m. breakfast burritos, and sent the boys down to the Williams, California, area, with instructions to bring back pictures of the first bees going into the almonds!  Maggie slept through all of this, or I might have gone with them, but I think she and I will work on the taxes, go the gym, and buy groceries for tonight’s dinner – no, I am not yet over the thrill of being able to shop for groceries on a daily basis – my refrigerator overflows with fresh produce, some of which I had never seen before I came to California.  Heaven.

And then, when the boys return home, it will definitely be time to play!  Isn’t there just something about Friday afternoon?  Hope yours is wonderful!

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