All the bees are in the almonds!  Whooooooooooooosh.  Exhaling deeply.

For now, it’s back to scraping frames and preparing for the end of pollination season, when we requeen colonies, split colonies, and in general try to increase the number and strength of our hives.

While the bees are growing, here are a few shots of how Maggie Rose is growing, for those of you who are into that sort of thing:

Wishing she were old enough for ski lessons on Big Mountain, last month.

Learning to read.

Making one last appearance as miniature Queen of Winter.  Then we drove to California, baby!

This morning, enjoying the age old delights of kitchen spoons and empty boxes.

Hard to believe she’ll be 9 months old on the 21st.  Pseudo Sista, my perpetual party planning partner, and I are already talking about her 1st Birthday Partay.  Mostly because we’ll have an excuse to make a cake!  And knowing us, it will probably be a rum cake …. mmmm.  Is that wildly inappropriate for a 1 year old’s birthday or what?  ‘Cause we thrive on wildly inappropriate near Babb …

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