Friday afternoon, Honeydew and Keith finished up the scraping as I worked in the kitchen, preparing for a Beekeeping Barbeque that we’re hosting to celebrate that the bees (all of ours, and most of our friends’) are in the orchards!

Mmmm … pork shoulders brining … all hail the pig.  I could be a vegetarian if there were a porcine exception, like there is for fish and shellfish … and for beef ribeyes …. and quail, duck, and pheasant …. and elk … and moose.  Yep, I could do it for sure.  We could call it: nochickenism, for short.

Anyway, I digress.  As I measured cider vinegar, chopped oranges, and separated eggs for deviling, another worker joined me in my cheery over-the-sink windowsill, the kind I’ve always dreamed of having, and the kind that will be very hard to leave come May.

Isn’t she lovely?

Perhaps she was curious about the almond branch that is now in full on bloom?

But whatever her reasoning, between the almond blossoms and the honeybee in the windowsill, it’s hard to feel like it isn’t spring in Northern California!

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