Yesterday, we finally took Sick Baby to a clinic in Redding.

She still wasn’t running a high fever or exhibiting any of the classic we-need-to-go-to-the-doctor-NOW symptoms, but for Maggie, she was acting pretty darn unlike herself for the fourth day in a row. The Hoglette wouldn’t eat, for one thing. For days on end. And since she’s never been sick, Honeydew and I figured we didn’t really know what we were “observing” anyhow. So, off we went.


During our visit to the clinic, we experienced Scary Crying for the first time. I would not wish Scary Crying on anyone, but if you’re a parent, you know what I’m talking about, and if you’re not, be glad you don’t. Scary Crying resulted from the doc’s examination of Maggie Rose’s perfect, seashell-esque ears. Which are both mightily infected. She has croup, too, which produces a bronchitis-like coughing that wears you down and makes you miserable. Bless her heart.

But, twenty hours after the first dose of antibiotics, Maggie Rose has sucked down eight ounces of Similac’s finest and another five of apple juice — her first juice! — and is currently on the floor reuniting with all her toys, much neglected since Saturday. And so I would like to offer an ode to antibiotics:

Antibiotics, much abused and maligned,

You have become as underappreciated as watermelon rind.

But to Maggie Rose, you have been so kind.

Thank you so much for getting her ears out of this bind.

Love, The Beekeepers

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