Beginning today, our beekeeping life takes off without much of a pause until the fall.  There are colonies to shake, split, and sell; queens to graft, mate, and introduce; and our honey producing life waiting for us in Montana, a life that requires constant work and attention to detail.

So last week, we took advantage of the last little lull of waiting, and explored more of the northern California.  Honeydew and I took Maggie to see the mighty redwoods along California’s Lost Coast, and were taken aback by its unspoiled, uncrowded remoteness.  We saw Roosevelt elk, deserted beaches, and trees impossible to photograph in their immensity.

Later on in the week, we welcomed my mom, “Nan,” and her sister, “Sissy,” to Northern California, and we gals traveled down to Wine Country, sipping fizzing bubbles in the equally sparkly sunshine, sharing beautifully prepared meals, and catching up with each other and old friends who joined us along the way.

More on all of these journeys soon, but for now, a sneak peek at our adventures:

Maggie Rose enjoying the stunning gardens of the French Laundry in Yountville, California.

With dear friend Maie, enjoying the delights of Domaine Carneros.

Honeydew, Maggie, and approximately 1/3 of a Redwood!

Maggie Rose sees the Pacific Ocean for the first time.  I think she’s gonna be a beach gal like her mama!

On the way home from Wine Country, we met Honeydew in Williams, California, to tour the orchards and enjoy the almond bloom, hitting its peak over the weekend.  What timing!

Maggie and Nan in the blooms.

More to come later.

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