In years past, I’ve spent the first part of March racing around getting ready for the Made in Montana Marketplace, a fair held each year in Great Falls that allows members of the Made in Montana program to connect with wholesalers and the public prior to Montana’s insane summer/tourist season.  We’ve loved being exhibitors, and right now I’m missing pouring hundreds of candles and labeling endless one pounders of honey in preparation.  We hope to exhibit again in 2013!

But we’re not sitting around in California twiddling our thumbs.  Honeydew, as in every March, is running around like a crazy person – the bees are out of the almonds and back into the holding yards – and I promise if I ever get a strong internet connection again I’ll do a big blog post on this topic!.  So, every morning, Keith and Honeydew head out to these yards to catch queens and prepare the hives for requeening.

And every morning, after I clean up the mess from a hot breakfast and packed lunches, I load Maggie Rose into my car and we head to the gym.  Another beekeeper in the Redding area recommended this particular gym to me, and I love belonging there.  It provides a very nice break from pouring candles, and I am finally seeing the baby weight come off.  Hurrah!  But the best part about this gym is that it offers childcare, and so Maggie gets to experience an hour or so of daycare every day, which I’m sure is how she picked up her horrible illness back in February, but on the whole, I am so happy that she gets to interact with lots of young children, without me.  I think this is very, very good for her.  And an hour to lose myself in earblasting rock through my headphones, as I push myself in the weight room and on the cardio machines, is also very, very good for me.

When I picked Maggie Rose up from this daycare yesterday, my heart lurched.  My little mullet baby was sporting the two most darling pigtails that have ever graced the planet, the first pigtails she’d ever worn, the first time her hair was in any way styled.

I’ve never even put her hair in a headband or a bow.  I don’t know why.  She has plenty of them, and I know she would look precious in them.  I think in some silly way my subconscious realizes that all too soon, she will be doing recklessly horrible things to her beautiful hair – like dyeing it dark, dyeing it with Kool Aid, dyeing it to cover up her grays.  Not that I’ve ever done those things.  And so I suppose my subconscious has whispered to me, “Plenty of time for hairstyles, in any way, shape, or form.”

But I do think it’s time for pigtails.

And maybe barrettes and headbands, too.

Once she’s at least ten months old.

Which is next week.

Oh, Time, please, please slow down.

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