Now, let’s not lose our collective sense of humor, shall we?  In the days that I wore my lawyer hat, I represented children more frequently than any other type of client, and calling CPS (child protective services) is not something I take lightly.

But I realized over the weekend, as I was brunching with Pseudo Sista and Maggie Rose, that perhaps the State should step in for poor Maggie.  As we brunched, Pseudo Sista and I became extra-animated, discussing something so hilarious that I don’t even recall what we were, in fact, discussing, although I do remember laughing so hard I may have drooled, and in all the hilarity, I — we? — failed to notice that Maggie Rose, who was, to start with, standing in a booth and jumping up and down, jangling my car keys and trying to gouge out her eyeballs, or perhaps, mine, had gotten ahold of the sugar packets and was DUMPING them into her mouth and acting like they contained crack cocaine, and further, that crack cocaine was THE. BEST. THING. EVER.

No, I did not notice this act of addiction until I observed the couple in the booth across from ours, older than me and clearly seasoned parents, doubled over with laughter that seemed to be pointed in Maggie Rose’s direction.  Oh, boy.  Note: this couple had not lost their sense of humor, so y’all don’t lose yours now.

There is no picture of our sugar-crack baby, but here’s another good example of our parenting skills, or lack thereof:

Yep, that’s our precious baby, nine months old, standing on top of a hive of bees for the very first time.

Now, off to work on our joint 2012 Parents of the Year acceptance speech.

On a different note – perhaps next week will bring us better weather, which would be good for the bees and the blogging.  When it rains in our part of California, our Mi-Fi internet connection becomes slower than dial up, thwarting queen rearing and picture uploading all at once.  Frustrating times in the Glacier County Honey Company rental home … if there are any Verizon Mi-Fi wizards out there with good suggestions, please, by all means, post them!  Shockingly, Verizon has been of very little assistance with this issue.

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