This is an experimental, transitional year for Glacier County Honey Company, in that Maggie Rose and I accompanied Honeydew to California for the entirety of the pollination/queen season.  As we planned for our departure, I twisted myself into knots trying to figure out how much inventory to leave behind for orders.  And it turns out I did not plan very well, and/or that our customer base has been mighty loyal to us, and ordered twice what it ordered during this same time frame last year.  As a result, shipping from will be very limited until we return to Babb, as we are pretty much sold out of everything but 1# squeeze tops, and those will soon be gone as well.  We apologize for the poor planning and hope that you’ll stick by us until we’re able to restock in early May.  Please feel free to email me with any questions or orders, and I’ll do my best to answer and fulfill.

And thanks again for all of your business!  In hard times, we have been blessed by your loyalty.

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