Go away.

Come again some other day.

Preferably in May … after we’ve gone home.

Oh, I know the lakes and rivers need the moisture.  And I know that all of Southern California will shrivel up and die if Northern California doesn’t get the water.

Which might not be such a bad thing?

But two weeks of rain is just a little much for Maggie Rose, who loves eating dirt above all else.

And two weeks of rain, with yet another week of moisture in the forecast, is too much for her mama, too.  Rain means no queen mating, no internet connection, no walking the Sacramento River Trail, and no dining al fresco, which is one of the greatest things about California, to me.  I’ve lived in Montana the better part of ten years now, and I’d forgotten cabin fever can be caused by precipitation other than snow.

Yes, yes, I know.  There are starving children in Africa.  And Browning, for that matter, and wherever you’re reading this, too.

And it’s not like the roads are closed and I actually can not go anywhere, as happened to me so many times last winter.

But please, please, please, Sun, come back!

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