About a year ago today, I moved across the Continental Divide to wait out the last weeks of my pregnancy less than 150 miles from my OB. Maggie Rose ended up taking her sweet time arriving in the world, and so I lived in Whitefish for far longer than I had anticipated. Desperately bored and missing Honeydew, especially after I postholed through several feet of snow all the way to Avalanche Lake on my due date and received only aching hip flexors and no baby for my efforts, I purchased a baby book and began to fill it out.

I’ve never picked it up since Maggie Rose was born, as there hasn’t been a moment for boredom, and so I occasionally use this blog as a baby book stand in. So, if you’ll forgive me, a few moments worth noting for Maggie, who is now 11 months old.

Maggie Rose, on the day you attained 11 months, you took your first unassisted steps. Just two, but your daddy and I acted like you had completed the Peachtree Road Race, or hiked over Gunsight Pass all the way to Lake McDonald with the Hot Buns for the first time. Well done, baby!

The week before the 11th marker, you made your Pa Pa and the Bulldawg Nation mighty proud with your first utterance: dog. You sure do love your doggies, baby.

The month leading up to all these 1sts was filled with motion, as you mastered your “special” crawling, crawling with you right foot and walking with your left. Yes, you’re very special, baby. You also figured out your musical walker, high 5s, and waving, and you’ve waved at everyone on the Sacramento River Trail on our walks. They are usually charmed.

You love Biscoff cookies, cheese puffs, and quinoa more than anything. Daddy and I love you more than anything, and can’t wait to show you the wonders of your backyard next month.