On the east (Best) side of the Divide, Glacier National Park is comprised of five major drainages: Belly River, Many Glacier, St. Mary, Cut Bank, and Two Medicine.  I have a soft spot for Many Glacier, as its lakes are practically putt-putt-golf-course-water-feature-blue, its wildlife defines “teeming,” and its manmade structure, the Many Glacier Hotel, holds the title of The Best Porch In the World.  Did I mention huckleberry margaritas are also available for consumption on said deck?

But I digress.  Two Medicine is the southernmost drainage on Glacier’s east side, about an hour south of Glacier County Honey World Headquarters.  We really don’t journey down there as often as we should – its lakes are like slabs of jade, and its views of both snow capped peaks and the rolling Rocky Mountain Front and Blackfeet Indian Reservation are unparalleled.  One of my Top Five hikes in Glacier — Dawson-Pitamakin — is in Two Medicine country.  On Friday, LJ offered to meet Brother Dear, Maggie Rose, and I in Two Med for an early season hike, so of course we said yes.

The weather looked iffy, but we all agreed that we weren’t afraid of a little rain, that we would play it by ear and hike as far as we could, conditions and snowpack permitting.  The first drops of rain fell as I slowed in the parking lot, and by the time LJ arrived, the rain had turned torrential.  She climbed into my rig and the three of us sat around admiring Maggie, reminiscing about other people we’d once known and hiked with in the beautiful Two Medicine valley, and drinking coffee.  About twenty minutes later, our patience was rewarded, as the storm blew itself out of the valley.

We spent the mostly-lovely day hiking around Two Medicine lake to Rockwell Falls, with a 1.4 mi butt burner detour to Aster Point.  What a view!

When we continued on to Rockwell Falls, we found the bridge out at the stream, but the trail crew was there, so I bet it’s fixed by now.  Maggie enjoyed the break the bridge provided, anyway.

A moment of adoration for the Patagucci Bomber Hat.  I wish they made one in my size, too.

A gentle, eight mile day: good start to what looks to be a great hiking season!

And of course, we saw a little black bear mowing down some dandelions on our way out of Two Med.  Little bear, don’t you know that dandelions are for honeybees?

See you next time.

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