Greg, Courtney, and Maggie Rose Fullerton invite you to join them at Glacier County Honey World Headquarters, near Babb, Montana, on Saturday, August 11, 2012, to tour the Warehome, meet the bees, and fill your own Mason jar/honey pot/5 gallon bucket with the best honey you’ve never tasted!

We’ll weigh your container empty, and then we’ll weigh it again when it’s full – if you have under 20# of honey, you’ll pay $2.65/#.  If you have over 20# of honey, you’ll pay $2.45/#.  Limit 60# per person.  Cash or checks only, please.  And since we’ll be in the midst of harvesting honey, however much you take home with you will be about as fresh as it gets. Mmmm, mmmm, good!  Not to mention a screaming deal.

We use 55 gallon drums as our own “buckets.”

We’ll be open from 8am-5pm, so if you’re on way to Glacier National Park for a day of play, just stop by.  We’re an easy 30 minutes on Hwy 464 from Browning, or 15 minutes from St. Mary/Going to the Sun Road.  After you’ve filled your buckets, continue on another 20 minutes or so to Many Glacier or St. Mary for fun in the park!

Not into hiking and wildlife gawking?  Eating in the area is pretty great, too.  Grab a whiskey at Duck Lake Lodge, or maybe a refreshing Twista at Two Sisters, a burrito at Thronson’s, a piece of coconut cream pie at Park Cafe, or homemade soup at Johnson’s.

Like architecture?  Three of the Park’s historic lodges are located within an hour of World Headquarters: Glacier Park Lodge, Prince of Wales Hotel, and Many Glacier Hotel (home of The Best Porch in the World).  Stunning.  If you’d like to see what Courtney thinks is the prettiest building on the Blackfeet Indian Reservation, go inside the Babb Bar Cattle Baron Supper Club in Babb and tour the beautiful history of the Blackfeet painted on the interior walls.

We know that the 49th parallel is far removed from most of you, but you all know it requires a yearly pilmigrage.  We hope you’ll make Glacier County Honey a part of your day, too.

Questions?  Email us: courtney (at) glaciercountyhoney (dot) com or call 406-544-2818.

Directions?  We are located at 71 W. Shore Rd, Duck Lake, just east of Babb, Montana.  Don’t rely on Mapquest, etc, to get you here.  On Hwy 464/Duck Lake Road, turn onto West Shore Road between mile markers 30 and 31.  West Shore Road is an umarked, but heavily used gravel road that has a stop sign for traffic entering 464.  Continue down this dirt road until you cross a cattle gate.  Take your first left past the cattle gate at the Glacier County Honey sign.  Welcome to World Headquarters!

And remember, cash or checks only, please!  We are not set up to take credit cards at World Headquarters.

We hope to see you and your buckets on August 11!

2012.  Glacier County Honey Co.  All Rights Reserved.