As usual, the weather nerds (yes, I am one, so I may point fingers) are getting the forecast wrong, and each forecasted-gloomy day has held pockets of sheer loveliness.  This is very good news for bees, babies, and beekeepers.

Yesterday morning dawned in azure stillness, and I raced up to the top of the road before 7 to snap this photo.  All morning, as I scraped comb honey supers, Glacier National Park beckoned me, insisting that I put down my hive tool and pick up my hiking sticks.  Unfortunately, the Going-to-the-Sun Road still looks like this:

So it will be a few more days before I give into Glacier’s request.  Though by contract the Road could technically open on Friday, the powers that be are muttering something about a “next week” opening.  Sometimes I wonder if Glacier’s head honchos have forgotten about the 45 day window that the East side businesses have to make money, or if they just don’t care, but having worked in about 50% of the businesses in St. Mary and Babb over the years, I can tell you that when the Going-t0-the-Sun Road ain’t open, ain’t nobody making deposits over here.

Anyway.  About that super/frame scraping.  In yesterday’s sunshine, and in other moments of rain, Maggie helped:

Rain, of course, is not all bad.  It forces our attentions to the Indoor Chore List, far too lengthy to reprint on the internets.  And it leaves behind muddy presents for Maggie that seem to thrill her far more than the acres of eyelet I’ve bought her:

Each day after lunch, when it’s “supposed” to be raining, Maggie and I have walked, and every fisherman we’ve seen on Duck Lake has had a huge grin – fish must be hittin’!  I’m not much on fishing, but I sure do like to look at Duck Lake this time of year:

Sometimes on our walks, we visit the bees.  We head through the Big Field …

to the Home Yard, where Maggie surveys what she doesn’t yet know is her domain.

Hi girls!

And speaking of dem bees, remember how gloomy we were that we had to feed them?  Well, Honeydew checked them yesterday and they took to the feed beautifully, and are looking happy and healthy!  Here’s what the feeder bucket looks like on top of the hive:

And here’s one more shot of Maggie Rose, pre-mud puddle.

Prose, perhaps, tomorrow.

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