We tap our toes for the opening of the Going-to-the-Sun Road, as the East side businesses just don’t boom without The Road being open.  Our biz is a year round entity, and so we don’t have to depend on the Road opening to make our mortgage payments, but a lot of our friends do, and so the opening of the Road that also offers us access into the heart of Glacier National Park’s beauty is indeed reason to celebrate.

The opening of the Many Glacier road, and Hotel, is a different sort of celebration for our family.  Many Glacier is our backyard.  We know its valleys — open, hanging, hidden — like we know each others’ faces.  We see its bears so often we give them individual nicknames, like Hollywood, the half blonde-half brunette sow who prefers Lake Josephine over Iceberg Lake.  We recognize ghosts of our former selves on every trail, and we both grew taller each year as we learned to hike with our parents in Many Glacier.  Now, of course, we cruise down its red trails with our own daughter, who first took in the Swiftcurrent valley from a sling at three weeks of age.  We are perhaps a bit possessive of Many Glacier, and especially of our time on its porch, that we’ve affectionately dubbed The Best Porch in the World, which is affixed to the Many Glacier Hotel.

On Friday, the Hotel opened for its short season, and we met our neighborhood pals for a sunset drink.

We talked kids and cows and bees and weather — of course — and toasted the coming summer, for the rodeos and the hiking and the frivolity that it brings to an otherwise frozen and wind scorched land.  I pointed out the peaks to the visitors with us, and their beautiful names — Heavy Shield, Angel’s Wing, Swiftcurrent, Altyn — rolled off my tongue without a second thought, as memories of climbing almost all of them flooded my mind.

Ah, summer.  Now that Many Glacier has opened her doors, surely you’re here to stay.

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