I love going to bed at 10:00pm in the half light, and waking up at 4:30am in the same.  These nearly endless hours of daylight don’t last long, but they always fall just when we need them most, and by that I mean that Honeydew and I have gotten an awful lot done in the last few weeks, and had an awful lot of fun, too.

When possible, I like to throw a little party for the solstice, my favorite night of the year.  We feasted on a roasted Hutterite chicken, farmer’s market vegetables, fresh blueberry cobbler, and Summer Honey beer, clinking our glasses in honor of summer’s scientific arrival.

After supper we built a fire and snuggled into our lawn chairs to bear witness to the last glimmers of daylight, which I think slipped behind the mountains at 10:40pm.

I snapped pictures all night, trying to capture the magnificent tilt of the Earth against the light, and trying to keep from my mind the cold, hard fact that every night, from now until the December solstice, will be a bit longer than the one before it.

Bring on July!

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