Our bees enjoy their temperate winter sojourn near Redding, California, but their Redding friends don’t enjoy the 100F+ temperatures that plague the northern Sacramento Valley in the summertime. As a result, some of them – about 400 colonies – “summer” with us in Glacier County.

In a nutshell, we arrange to lease “summer bees” from another beekeeper in California, in this case the inimitable Jackie Park-Burris. We’ll make more honey than we otherwise would, and she’ll get a cut of that honey, plus a respite from the heat for her bees. In a good honey/weather year (the same thing, really) it’s a win-win situation for the Beekeepers and the bees.

Jackie’s bees arrived in mid-June, and after a few days of getting up early to move them in the 4am coolness, they’re all settled in and supered. The 10 day forecast is looking like 70s, and that’s just about right for a good honey flow! Do your best, Summer Bees! And welcome back to Glacier County.