July is here, not just in calendar but in all her cornflower-blue-skies-and-80+-degree-temperatures glory. With her, she brought so many of our best friends, to help us properly celebrate her arrival.

Pseudo Sista returned, and brought Neil with her, Howard’s best friend and Glacier County Honey’s latest Darling Summer Help. We’re thrilled Neil is here on many levels.


JC flew in on her biannual pilmigrage from Atlanta, and immediately got to work decorating a delectable 4th of July Eve tres leches cake that Big Maggie made.


Our 2nd annual Duck Lake Parade was a smashing success, with about 85 folks parading/spectating and then diving into Brother Dear’s pork shoulders and Mrs. Calgary’s stunning 49th parallel cakes!


We set out to climb up to Napi Point the next day, and a rainbow halo around the sun kept us company on our way. Never seen that before, but it was nice to have Howard with us.


We kept on with the insanity the following day, with some of us scrambling up to Apikuni Ridge and others summitting Altyn.


I think most of us could have used a hammock by Saturday, but the sunshine just kept coming and we just kept playing, this time coming together for Beer Olympics, which included volleyball, a kayak race, kickball, and champagne flip cup this year. New friends were made and old friendships renewed, and it was just about the most fun day of my life.

Lots of talented folks took lots of fabulous photos of all this frivolity, and I’ll be posting those soon. For now, I’m off to enjoy the last couple of July days that we are not pulling/extracting honey. I’m excited about those days, but they’ll be here soon enough! Go, bees, go!

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