We blog.  We Tweet.  We sell.  And we Facebook.

We’re so 2012, even though at times our PR Gal in Chief — who studied English, not Marketing/Advertising/etc — feels pretty darn inept in the world of social media.  But we do these things because we love educating folks about apiculture in general — in particular the best honey you’ve never tasted — and we’ve found that using a variety of platforms to do so is generally fun.  We’ve met — on the internets and in person — all sorts of interesting people via all of these platforms.  Every day,  we try our best not to post the same content on each outlet.

Our Facebook friends helped Glacier County Honey Co. reach 1,000 fans in the last few days, and we said that when that happened, we’d pick a fan at random and give away $50 in www.glaciercountyhoney.com merchandise.  Facebook fans who “shared” our announcement got an extra entry.  When we reached 1,000, our social media inepitude struck, and we couldn’t figure out how to “see” all the fans.  Luckily for us, fans Dewey Goering and Roxy Johnsrud Pinsonneault came to our rescue.  We meant to take screen shots of all of this, but anyway, we copied and pasted a list of all the 1,007 fans, added a second set of names of those folks who “shared” the announcement on Facebook, used a random number generator, and poof!

JORDAN ELIZABETH LABBE, you are the winner of the $50 gift certificate!

Dewey Goering and Roxy Johnsrud Pinsonneault, we appreciate your help so much, and we’d like to offer each of you a $25 gift certificate, too.

If you are a winner, please email courtney@glaciercountyhoney.com with your wish list, and we’ll get it shipped out to you, or your gift recipient, within the boundaries of the United States, ASAP.  If we don’t hear from you by Monday, July 23, we’ll redraw.

Thanks to all for being our “fans.”  Reaching the 1,000 mark really made our day!

Mama Stone and JC are really excited for you winners!  July 4, 2012, 2nd Annual Parade at Duck Lake.

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