The day after the 4th of July Parade, we rallied our friends from their tents and pickups and headed up to Napi Point, a landmark in the St. Mary Valley at the end of the Otokomi/8136/Singleshot/Flattop ridgeline.  Here’s a view of it from Johnson’s of St. Mary that I borrowed from Trip Advisor:

Napi is important in the Blackfeet culture, and in my culture, too.  One of the last pictures of my brother, Howard, was taken at Napi Point, and it’s a pretty awesome picture:

Whenever I look at Napi, I think of Howard, and so I love climbing up there to visit him.  Here’s a shot I took about halfway up, from Flattop Lake (Napi is far left), looking back at Many Glacier.

And here’s a view of Divide Mountain (far left) and St. Mary Lake from Napi Point.

Brother Dear snapped this groovy panoramic view while we enjoyed our rum cake and sweet potato salad.

And Julie slipped away to capture the group inspecting the sheer awesomeness of Napi’s north face.

The climb up to Napi is not the hardest thing in the park, but at 7,487 feet, it’s not the easiest either.  Here we are, celebrating our accomplishment and Howard’s memory, nearly eight years after he last summitted this same spot.

Oh, how we miss you, baby bro.  GRD.

2012.  Glacier County Honey Co.  Some photo credits to Layla Dunlap and Sanford Stone and Julie Christensen.  All Rights Reserved.