The Glacier County Honey Co. hive is buzzing with activity – Honeydew and Neil have the extracting plant set up, Keith and I got all the comb honey supers put together and out in the fields, we mocked up our vendor tent for the Red Ants Pants Music Festival, wholesale orders are ringing the phone off the hook (thank you, Montana tourism!), and all trucks have new brakes, fresh oil, and are running, thanks to Darling Brother-in-Law.  Or at least they were yesterday!

Yesterday, Honeydew went out to the northern end of Glacier County to check on the hives and see if the honey is ready for pulling:

Those bees sure have a nice summer home, huh?  Each box above the bottom two is called a honey super, i.e. where the bees store superfluous honey.  I love that ours are so colorful and cheery.

See the bees all over the new white wax at the top of the frame?  They’ve made fresh honey, stored it in individual slightly-upward-tilting hexagon shaped beeswax cells (they made those, too), and when the cell became full, the bees produced more white wax to cap over the cell and store the honey.  When we extract the honey, we’ll use what’s called an uncapping machine to take off that top layer of gorgeous white wax so that the honey can flow freely.  Later, we’ll render the wax for beeswax projects and sales.

That frame isn’t mostly capped over, so it’s not quite ready for extracting, but the weather forecast is looking hot and dry … that honey is going to flow, y’all.  We should be extracting by Monday at the latest!

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