When Honeydew and I were weddin’ plannin’, July 25 was the date I had my heart set on, as this time of year is the only time of year in Montana when it is reliably fabulously temperate.  Yes, usually the rest of July is lovely, too, but I’ve yet to know a July 25th that wasn’t beyond gorgeous.

No, Honeydew told me, that is the busiest week of the year in beekeeping.

Oh, whatever, I replied in all my beekeeping ignorance, we’ll be fine.

So he let me have my way.

And I’m pretty sure it’s because he knew that we would, in fact, be entirely too busy to even remember our anniversary — as was the mutual fact yesterday — much less celebrate it.

Yesterday, Honeydew pulled thousands of pounds of honey, and I bottled hundreds of pounds of the same.  We wrapped endless gorgeous beeswax candles and ornaments, polished brass candlesticks, ironed tablecloths, and in general pulled a solid 16 hour work day.  At the end of it all, Nan — who’d kept Maggie Rose happy all day — appeared with veggie and pork sliders — and all of our friends convened to help us label the thousands of bottles of honey stacked all over the living room.

I hope they’re still our friends when the Red Ants Pants Music Festival is over with!  See y’all there.

And Honeydew, happy anniversary.  I love you so.

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