As “they” say, it’s amazing what you can learn to do, for love.  Especially since putting my lawyering hat on the shelf with my predictable paychecks, pressed suits and pumps, Glacier County Honey Co. has demanded my education in a number of realms.

When Honeydew and I decided to put on our 1st Annual Fill Your Own Bucket Day, we further decided there was no point in going to all the effort to hook the honey tanks up for a day of retail use unless we went full out and advertised it.  Not paying for advertising meant I had to learn to write a press release, which I did with the help of Western Montana’s Glacier Country’s Tia Troy.  Thanks, Tia!

Photo credit to Patrick Record, Daily Interlake.

That press release lead to another little story about Glacier County Honey, and all that we have learned to do with it and for it.  For love, of course.  Because despite the wake-up-gasping nightmares about honey extracting disasters, uncontrollable weather patterns, and unpredictable bee health, Honeydew and I have never been happier than at the helm of our little bee biz.  As always, thanks to our customers, Facebook friends, Tweeps, and blog readers, for all the support along the way.  Here’s the latest on what the press says about our love affair: Beekeepers Relish Remote Locale for Honey Business / Lynnette Hintze, Daily Interlake.

Photo credit to Patrick Record, Daily Interlake.

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