We try to take Sundays off this time of year, and when we do, Honeydew and I trade choices – this past Sunday, I decided that we should take Maggie Rose to Iceberg Lake, the easiest 10 miles in the park, and generally overrun with people for that reason.  In my pre-baby life, I would have avoided Iceberg Lake on August 5 like the plague, but I suppose this is the new norm.  Maggie loved gawking/waving at every person we passed, anyway, and I always love meeting ghosts of myself and my loved ones in the Many Glacier valley, particularly along the Iceberg Lake trail.

This is the trail to Iceberg Lake – Mt. Wilbur is the tallest mountain to the far left, and below it hangs a shelf keeping Shangri La secret from most of the world.  Behind the shelf, tucked between Mt. Wilbur and the beautiful castle-like wall, is Iceberg Lake.

Maggie Rose first went hiking in the Many Glacier valley when she was three weeks old, and her affection for it hasn’t changed.  Especially now that she’s discovered that hiking means eating snacks reserved only for hiking – like Lay’s potato chips.  Mmmm!

4.9 miles from the trailhead, we reached the lake, still nearly fully encased in ice.  I love this shot of Maggie Rose and Honeydew – back in Honeydew’s trail crew days, he spent a lovely afternoon widening the trail they’re standing on, and digging the water ditches you see on either side.  He says they used jackhammers, to the consternation of most who were there.

Requisite family shot.

Looking at the lake, you might think there’s just a thin layer of ice and snow covering it, but if you look at the middle of this picture, perhaps you can get a better perspective on just how thick the layer is – I was zoomed in 20x when I took this!

Maggie Rose is our water baby, and the temperatures of the liquid-snow-lake did not deter her.

Wearing my old sunbonnet, playing with a chunk of ice.

My favorite shot – 14 month old Maggie is so independent, so unafraid of the world.  As her parents, this is a little bit frightening — but then, we can relate to her perfectly.  Never be afraid of the world, baby girl – your curiosity will bring you so many choices, and so much joy.

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