I am proud to have paid Montana taxes the better part of 13 years, proud to be married to a Montanan, proud to be raising a 2nd generation Montanan.

But there’s no escaping the fact that I grew up in the South, and I’m proud of that, too.  The South taught me all about heat, and while the expat in me doesn’t miss the oppressive, 85-degrees-at-midnight temperatures the deep South endures in the summertime,  I surely try my best never to whine about any sort of “heat” event in Montana.

This week, Montana is shattering high temperature records left and right, and even I am almost ready to admit that it is almost “hot” in Montana.

Now, it is definitely hot in the Warehome, as we’ve got the heater blasting away to keep the Warm Room at a cozy 100F for the stacks of honey waiting to be extracted – that’s about the same temp the bees keep the hive, and when you’re selling raw honey, you’re always doing your best to keep the honey at about that temperature.  Seeing as how my bedroom is on the other wall from the Warm Room, I can report that the heater is good at its mimicry.

At any rate, it’s so-almost-hot that we decided to order Glacier County Honey Co. hats, to keep us a little bit cooler – they’re Dri Duck hats, with beautiful embroidery by Pony Expressions down in Valier.  Your choice of moose, elk, deer, pheasant, or loon, the resident mascot of Gretchen’s Mirror on our property.

$25 each.  Click here to order.

Stay cool out there, y’all!  The bees are loving this heat, and therefore, so are we.

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