Oh, how I long for even more hours of daylight than there currently are in a day, for time to write, for myself, to others, even a well organized grocery list might be fun to pen.  But time for consistent blogging and correspondence will have to wait until fall, and we hope that y’all will wait with us.

For now, Glacier County Honey Co. is in the crush of the honey season – every day, Honeydew and the crew leave at 7am to inspect various bee yards and determine which supers to pull off the hives.  They return in the late afternoon sun with trucks loaded down with 10,000 lbs and more of the best honey you’ve never tasted, and unload it all into the Warm Room, where it waits in the 100F temperatures for Neil and I.

Every day, Neil warms up the extracting equipment just before 7am, and then sticks his head into the kitchen to remind me that the time for peeling peaches, shelling peas, and wiping summer’s excesses off the baby’s sweet face is finished, and that it is time to hand Maggie off to whichever kind soul is entertaining her on the day in question.  Into the extracting room I go, feeling how I imagine most happy, working parents feel: sad that I will miss the highlights of Maggie’s day – the discovery of the sprinkler in Nan’s garden, the first taste of a ripe huckleberry on the trail to Red Rock Falls, a new word tumbling from her rosy lips – but happy to go out into my own world, to use my biceps and my brain to extract the honey that will pay the bills that keep my family fed and the Warehome warm through the winter.  Happy, I will admit, to carry on adult conversation and to focus on one task, and only one task, at a time.

Neil and Keith in the extracting room during Fill Your Own Bucket Day – excuse the blurry pictures, apparently the camera had honey on the lens – imagine that!

At any rate, we are swamped with pulling honey, extracting honey, bottling honey, labeling honey, barreling honey, selling honey and shipping honey.  In the midst of all this stickiness, we hosted our 1st annual Fill Your Own Bucket Day, and it was a sweet success, indeed.

We had no idea how many people to expect, but we opened the Warehome to the public, set up an observation hive, and conducted tours of the honey extracting plant and of beeswax crafting and everyone seemed to have a blast.  Only Honeydew and I got stung.  We answered hundreds of questions and met hundreds of lovely Montanans and Albertans, most of whom had traveled many, many miles to visit us near Babb.  We sold every beeswax candle I had poured!

And of course, we sold an awful lot of honey, too – we hooked up a special pump to one of our 1,000 gallon tanks so that we could pump fresh honey into the bottling tank all day — without the pump, we would have run out of honey in the bottling tank by 9am, and that is why if you called us to ask if we could honor Fill Your Own Bucket Day prices in the days before and after The Day, we could not.  We could only pull the crew from the field, pause production, and hook up this pump for one day, and we hope y’all understand.

Pseudo Sista, selling candles, ornaments, and t-shirts!

We also hope you’ll mark your calendars for next year’s Fill Your Own Bucket Day: Saturday, August 10.  We’ll have more activities, and more help to make the bucket filling go as efficiently as possible, we promise – thanks to everyone who came up and made the day such fun!  We appreciate y’all more than you know.

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