Working for Glacier County Honey Co. is not your average employment.  We’ve got no place to put you and we’re going to ask you to work insane hours, 6-7 days per week, in the height of honey season, i.e. right now.  We’ve got one employee — California boy Keith — shacked up in our camper in front of the Warehome, and another — Virginia gentleman Neil — crashed out on the spare bed in our office, when there are a few hours to devote to anything other than working and playing in the Montana sunshine.

Since we’re all piled in on top of each other, working together, eating together, folding laundry together, arguing about Deadliest Catch together, and scraping stingers out of each other’s scalps, Honeydew and I try to hold a few employee appreciation days every summer.  They’re good for everyone’s morale, including ours.

Yesterday was Darling Brother-in-Law’s (DBIL) last night with us — he’s been up here for about 10 days, helping us pull honey, change brake pads, chicken fry elk steaks, and in general, doing what needs to be done.  Honeydew and I are both lucky to have such helpful, wonderful families.  At any rate, we wanted to give DBIL a big send off, and that turned into an Employee Appreciation Day.  We decided to waterski the canal, and enjoy Twistas and steaks at Two Sisters, our go-to favorite near Babb.

Have you ever tried to waterski behind a pickup down a canal?
Because, you know, when living on the border of Glacier National Park in late August, what else does one do after work?

Well, Keith — below — picked it up with no problem, and enjoyed the views of Glacier, to boot!

Honeydew popped off a cheeky wave as he zipped past the cheering section:

DBIL completed the triumphant triumvirate of skiiers:

Pseudo Sista, Brother Dear, Neil, Maggie Rose and I could not be persuaded to try it, but there’s always next time.

Thanks to everyone pulling honey, extracting honey, keeping babies, cooking burgers, and in general make harvest happen for us with enough time for the occasional foray down the canal … we appreciate you!

Not pictured: our awesome parents – Charlie & Nancy Stone; Bob Fullerton; Sarah Evitts – who’ve kept Maggie Rose happy all summer long so that we can work.  THANK YOU!

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