This summer will surely be the one for the record books, as far as the press and Glacier County Honey Co. are concerned.  I think three articles in three months by three local publications says a lot about the quality of journalism here in Montana – journalists are interested in the Montanans who work in this area and who work hard to employ others.  Yes, the big problems back East and on Wall Street and in the Big Easy and beyond America’s borders concern us, but we Montanans also want to know how our friends and neighbors are doing.  Thanks so much to the Flathead Beacon, the Daily Interlake, and now, Rural Montana magazine — the publication of Montana’s Electric Cooperatives, and a favorite of Honeydew’s —  for reporting about our young business, and our enthusiasm for the same.

Here’s a shot of the article – Rural Montana is online, but I could not locate this particular article on the site:

Thanks so much for featuring us, Rural Montana!  And thanks for keeping the lights on, too.  Pretty tough to extract honey on a commercial scale without electricity.

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