The comb honey is almost sold out, so if you’re in need, you’d better get it while the gittin’s good!

In addition to the $19 finished comb honeys, we’ve also added an “unfinished” comb honey product to the website — unfinished/imperfect comb honeys are still fabulously delicious, but the bees didn’t completely finish making them, so they don’t quite weigh in at a 1/2# like the finished ones do.  They are priced at $14 each – so you save $5.

Finished v. unfinished/imperfect comb honeys.

Unfinished/imperfect comb honey, all dressed up and ready to ship to you. $14.

If the unfinished comb honeys weighed less than 1/4#, we made chunk honey out of them, and that’s now available on the website, too!

As you may recall from last year, we got the idea to take the beautiful, unfinished comb honey, cut it in half, place it into a sparkling-made-in-USA-Ball-jar, and smother it with liquid-raw-the-best-honey-you’ve-never-tasted.  They were a huge hit last year, so again, git ’em while the gittin’s good!

Cutting unfinished Ross Rounds into halves for chunk honey.

Though unfinished, aren’t they beautiful?

Placing them into Ball jars — after this, they’re topped off with fresh, raw Glacier County Honey — and shipped to you!

And one last thing … help us celebrate National Honey Month: enter SWEETSEPTEMBER in the comment box of any order for 20% off any order over $20, excluding shipping — 20% off does not apply to bulk beeswax, 12# or 35# buckets — offer good through September 30.

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