Folks who’ve emailed wanting a deal on the honey stix – how about this darling package of 20 for $4?  That’s a savings of .05 per stick, or $1 total, as opposed to buying them individually!

Folks who’ve emailed wanting a cute gift in the $15-including-shipping-range:

I’m calling this “Bee Sweet.”  It’s a bee gift bag packed with a 1/2# of the best honey you’ve never tasted, 5 honey stix, 2oz of beeswax in a beautiful queen bee mold, and a Glacier County Honey Sticker.  The gift bag is $8, the shipping is $5.50 — total price $13.50.

All are now available at

Of course, we do custom gifts for teachers, stocking stuffers, baskets, etc.  Email or call us anytime, and thanks for your support!

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